Thursday, September 11, 2014

Back to School

I finally found some down-time to revisit my blog. I'm on my last HOORAH before my preschool class starts again. (And honestly, it's been a great run!) We went on a week long camping trip; 10 cities, 6 days, and two over-exhausted children. We also spent some time the grandparents, and even visited a goat farm! The kids enjoyed that the most!

Since my last post, we've had birthdays to celebrate, my daughter started first grade, and I've been running all over town getting supplies for my own class. In between it all, I managed to get some craft time in. Birthday cards, lunch box notes, bookmarks, SHOPPING ;), and even book binding were on my agenda.

With two kids, a husband, and work, I hardly had enough time to sit down and make a stack of lunch box notes for my daughter. Instead, when everyone is sleeping, I use the last bit of my day to make a note for my daughter's lunch the next day. (Yes, I make a new one every night and I'm still going strong.) The best part about it is getting to use different supplies and challenging my creativity. It wouldn't be exciting to receive the same note every day, right?

Check out what I've been up to these last few weeks.

These are the few of my daughter's lunch box notes that I actually thought to snap a photo of.
I was inspired by Savanah O'Gwynn's magnetic bookmarks and geometric string art when I made this bookmark. The picture is not geometric, but it was a simple line art perfect for embroidering.
My friends daughter just recently turned five and one thing they do is go on exotic vacations. So for her birthday, I made her a "field journal." Yes, the book it 100% handmade. Now I cheated with the pencils, but I thought it would make a great accessory for the book.

I just recently went on a stamp shopping spree, so hopefully I'll have time to do a show&tell of what I make. Also, I just received my second Studio Calico card kit and am excited to try that out as well.